Monday, 12 March 2012

What We Ate March 5 - 11

It’s been a different sort of week here.  I developed a severe tremor in my hands and, much of the time, I’m not able to feel my fingertips.  As you can imagine, this makes the kitchen a challenging place to be. 

The first day I was not feeling well no cooking went on at all.  After that, my husband took over the supper prep.  It was very kind of him, and he did a good job, but he’s much more a carnivore than I am and has an abiding fondness for Kraft Dinner.  On our budget, we just can’t afford to have meat every day, and I try to avoid using processed foods like the powdered "cheese" in boxed macaroni mixes.

Since we have no idea how long I'll have this problem with my hands, we made a plan to share the kitchen duties.  I’ll do what I can do, and my husband will do the rest.  He’s got some good knife skills and right now he can cut and chop more safely than I can.  I have more knowledge about ingredients and preparation than my guy does, but he's happy to learn.  He's viewing this whole process like a big science experiment.  I’m sure it will take some time for us to work out the bugs, but I’m optimistic.

We ended up spending almost twice what we'd planned for groceries this week.  We prepaid for two Good Food Boxes, and we bought some milk and cheese, some frozen vegetables, and a box of Kraft Dinner.  In all, we spent $38.93 on groceries this week, bringing our monthly total to $102.91; more than we have in our budget for the whole month.  Clearly, I'm going to need to find more money from somewhere to cover the extra.  I'm working on it.

Here’s what we ate this week:


  • Breakfast – Pineapple zucchini loaf, yogurt
  • Supper – A stir fry of cabbage, carrots, bell pepper (from the freezer), and onion in a garlic and ginger sauce, veggie ramen (made as explained here), pears in brown sugar syrup with ginger 

  • Breakfast – Leftover winter vegetable soup, toast
  • Supper – Turkey and broccoli pie, cabbage and beet slaw with sour cream dressing 

  • Breakfast – Toast, peanut butter, apples
  • Supper – Cornflakes and canned peaches 

  • Breakfast – Oatmeal and applesauce
  • Supper –  Baked breaded chicken legs (from the freezer), Kraft Dinner, cabbage, frozen peas, chocolate pudding 

  • Breakfast – Chocolate pudding, bananas
  • Supper – Cornmeal crusted cod fillets, baked potatoes, frozen green beans, steamed carrots