Monday 5 November 2012

What We Ate Oct. 29 - Nov. 4

We stayed on point with our “no spend challenge” last week and – thanks to me being sick in bed for much of the weekend – even spent less than we anticipated (We stayed home, so used the car less). 

I finished the birthday gift I was working on (I’ll post about it in detail tomorrow) and, yesterday, went through my craft cupboard to see what I have on hand for making Christmas cards.    It’s time to get started on that and I don’t want to buy any extra materials in order to do so.  Now that I’ve reacquainted myself with the supplies on hand, I can put my thinking cap on and look for inspiration.

There was a lot of “seat of my pants” no recipe cooking going on in my kitchen last week.  Somehow I always start of the week thinking I’m going to do better with planned meals than I actually do and then, by the end of the week, find myself throwing together whatever can be made quickly and easily. 

You’d think I’d recognize the pattern by now! 

Ah well, it’s all good.  Our pantry is well enough stocked that even on lazy nights I can find something to put on the table.

Here’s what we ate last week:

Monday, October 29:
  • Breakfast – Homemade yogurt and canned peaches
  • Supper – Caviar lentils (black lentils) cooked in vegetable stock with garlic, bay leaf and cumin, rice cooked in home canned crushed tomatoes with fresh basil from the pot on my windowsill, cucumber slices and carrot sticks, mocha cupcakes

Tuesday, October 30:
  • Breakfast – Apple slices and cheddar cheese
  • Supper – Slow cooker teriyaki pork ribs, steamed rice, a stir fry of cabbage, red bell pepper and onion in garlic ginger sauce, ginger crinkle cookies

Wednesday, October 31:
  • Breakfast – boiled eggs and an apple
  • Supper – Jack-o-Lantern quesadillas, “blood red” tomato soup with black olive oil spider webs (Colour a little olive oil with black paste food colouring, put it in a fine tip squeeze bottle, squeeze concentric circles of oil on top of the soup, draw a toothpick from the center of the bowl outward, through the oil, to form the web), poached pear ghosts

Thursday, November 1:
  • Breakfast – Oatmeal and applesauce
  • Supper – Chow mein made with the meat leftover from Tuesday’s ribs, home grown mung bean sprouts, noodles, shredded cabbage, carrot and onion, ginger crinkle cookies leftover from Tuesday

Friday, November 2:
  • Breakfast –   Homemade yogurt and pear butter
  • Supper – Fried egg and onion sandwiches on homemade cheese buns (from the freezer), oven fries, peach upside down cake

Saturday, November 3:
  • I was sick so did no cooking.  My fella ate leftovers and brought me tea and toast.

Sunday, November 4:
  • Breakfast – Wheat and white biscuits, homemade plum jelly
  • Supper – My brother and sister-in-law cooked a birthday dinner for me.  It was delicious.  :)

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