Monday 19 December 2011

Feeling Wealthy

Last month's Good Food Box didn't have as much in it as October's had.  It was still good value but harvest season had passed us by and available produce was increasing in price.  With that and the holiday season in mind, I ordered three boxes for December.  My plan was to share some with a friend in need, to take what we knew we would need, and then--if there was any surplus--to make a basket for the food bank.

This month's Good Food Box brought a surprise.  It was amazingly abundant; providing us with 12 different fruits and vegetables.  My photo, above, shows the contents of a single box.  Our $30.00 bought us 15 pounds of potatoes, 9 pounds of onions, 9 pounds of carrots, 3 heads of garlic, 3 heads of romaine lettuce, 75 Brussels sprouts, 12 mandarin oranges, 9 apples, 9 Anjou pears, 3 bunches of celery, 6 green peppers, and 3 bunches of spinach.

I was elated.  We're going to eat very well in the coming month and, even allowing for that, we were able to make up a good sized basket for the food bank.

I feel wealthy with such abundance at my fingertips.  It's wonderful to know that our vegetable bins are full and that, with a little planning, the food on hand will carry us well into the coming month.   It's better still to be able to pass some of that bounty on to others in need. 

What a wonderful start to our week!

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