Monday 13 August 2012

What We Ate August 6 - 12

The local farm markets are full to bursting with beautiful produce.  My friends are giving me gifts from their orchards and gardens.  Wild fruit is growing in abundance.  The salmon are running and my fisherman friends are sharing their catch. 

You’d think that we’d eat more healthily at this time of year than any other, but often that’s not the case.  With my canner going for hours and the weather being so warm, I’m often ill inclined to turn my hand to meal preparation.  Take out is never so appealing to me as it is during the hot days of August, and making a meal of potato chips straight from the bag – never considered in the wintertime – can seem a perfectly reasonable alternative.

This year we’re trying hard to avoid buying take out and striving to eat proper meals, even on days when our scheduling’s crazy or it’s too darned hot to cook.  Quick and easy is often still the order of the day but, all in all, I think we’ve done pretty well this past week.

Here’s what we ate:

Monday, August 6:
  • Breakfast – Homemade yogurt and fresh cherries
  • Supper – Farmstead waffles topped with eggs scrambled with onions, bell peppers, and onion, roasted cherry tomatoes

Tuesday, August 7:
  • Breakfast – Cheddar corn muffins, apple jelly, oranges
  • Supper – A salad of red leaf lettuce, shredded carrot, shredded beet, red onion, and chick peas, served with homemade ranch dressing.  Peanut butter cookies for dessert

Wednesday, August 8:

Thursday, August 9:
  • Breakfast – Yogurt, granola, and peach parfaits
  • Supper – Fish sticks, potato salad, carrot sticks, bell pepper spears, radishes, cantaloupe

Friday, August 10:
  • Breakfast – Poached eggs on toast
  • Supper – Brats on the barbecue, foil wrapped yams cooked on the barbecue, slaw of red cabbage, red onion, and carrot in an herb vinaigrette, apple crisp

Saturday, August 11:
  • Breakfast – Leftover apple crisp and yogurt
  • Supper – Homemade flat bread, feta tzatziki, grilled asparagus, tomatoes and bell peppers tossed together in a red wine vinaigrette

Sunday, August 12:
  • Breakfast – Peanut butter and banana sandwiches on wholewheat bread
  • Supper – Twice baked potatoes stuffed with chili style beans (from a tin) and topped with grated mozzarella, a slaw of shredded carrot, shredded yellow zucchini, and finely juilienned radish, tossed in homemade ranch dressing


Veronica Lee said...

WOW!! Your menu sounds awesome!! Your breakfasts are deliciously healthy too!

Happy Monday and thanks for stopping by!

Aunt B said...

Thank you Veronica. We're big breakfast people here. :)

Veronica Lee said...

Hi again!

Swinging by once more to follow your lovely blog.

Have a nice day!

Aunt B said...

Thanks Veronica, and welcome. :)

Tiffany @ DontWastetheCrumbs said...

Your menu looks delicious! Thinking about making some farmstead waffles with the whey from my homemade kefir!

Aunt B said...

Thanks Tiffany. I do dislike wasting food of any sort and farmstead waffles are an excellent way to use up extra whey. I hope you enjoy them.