Tuesday 12 February 2013

What We Spent February 4 - 10

You know how sometimes you find yourself in transition?  

It's not necessarily anything you plan but sometimes life either turns an unexpected corner or presents you with new possibilities.

That's the way things are with us right now, and it's been a challenge to maintain a regular routine.

One upshot of the changes going on with us is that I will be getting home later in the day several times each week, so my husband will be doing more of the cooking.  

My fella's a good basic cook but his menus tend to be much more meat-centric than mine. More meat means more expense and I do anticipate an increase in our grocery expenses as a result of this sharing of cooking duties.  I'm going to have to concentrate on trying to balance the changes by cooking vegetarian on many of my evenings in the kitchen.  I'm also reminding myself that even with more meat on the menu cooking at home is still less expensive than eating in restaurants!

We did a big shop this week - much of it for meat - but were able to stock up on "manager's special" items so it wasn't as bad as it might have been.  

We treated ourselves to a tube of crescent rolls because we found them marked down and, with a coupon, they cost us less than a dollar.  

We also bought tissues and toilet paper because we had good coupons for both.

We spent a small amount on personal items, and bought one take out sandwich (which will come out of this month's restaurant budget).

Here's what we spent last week:

Feb. 4/13
Take out sandwich

.64 kg/1.42 lb red onion

2.28 kg/5 lb carrots
Feb. 7/13
1 tube Pillsbury cresent rolls

2 x 900 grams/1.98 lbs extra old cheddar

6 whole wheat bagels

7.88 kg/17.37 lbs chicken legs

1.49 kg/3.29 lbs rib eye steak

2.29 kg/5 lbs round steak

2.36 kg/5.2 lbs strip loin steak

6 boxes Puff Plus tissue

36 rolls toilet tissue

Personal care items

4.54 kg/10 lbs yukon rose potatoes

1.04 kg/2.3 lb cabbage

1 bunch radishes

1.27 kg/2.8 lbs tomatoes

2 kg/2.8 Sweetlets frozen peas
Feb. 10/13

4 liters skim milk

1.63 kg/3.6 lbs bananas

Total Coupons Redeemed