Tuesday 26 March 2013

What We Spent, March 11 - March 24

We've spent a lot of money in the past couple of weeks (at least for us). 

I usually dislike these "spendy periods" because they so often involve budget juggling to make ends meet, but this time much of the extra spending was actually in the form of planned expenditures.  

I had some extra earnings and, because we've been eating from the pantry and freezer quite a bit, I decided to use the extra money to stock up on meat.  Meat is always a big ticket item, but we got fairly good pricing on what we bought and were able to redeem some coupons towards our purchases.  I'm content with what we got.

We bought a lot of produce, much of which was chosen because it will keep for quite some time.  We made our choices with my longer work days in mind.  I don't want to have to stop and pick up produce on the way home.

We also stocked up on some dried fruit, and splurged on a package of pre-made, uncooked tortillas.  

Pre-made tortillas are certainly more expensive than homemade, but making tortillas is one of the few kitchen tasks I actively dislike. The fresh flour tortillas from Costco have good flavour, no added preservatives, and they're convenient.  

Circumstances had us driving more than usual during this time period and we used about twice the amount of gas we usually do. This extra driving may well continue over the next few months so I've been putting some money aside to cover the increased expense.  It certainly came in handy this time 'round!

Here's what we spent:

Mar 11/13

.62 kg/1.37 lb asparagus

.84 kg/1.85 lb tomatoes

900 g/1.98 lb fish stick

4 liters skim milk
Mar 13/13
6 onion buns
Mar 15/13
Dessert at Dairy Queen
Mar 16/13
Mar 17/13

4 liters whole milk

1.45 kg/3.2 lb red onions

.89 kg/1.96 lb celery
Mar 20/13
Salad in a bag
Mar 21/13
.6 kg/1.32 lb rib steak

.38 kg/.83 lb broccoli

4 liters skim milk
Mar 23/13
4.11 kg/9.06 lb pork side ribs

3.41 kg/7.53 lb pork loin

3.85 kg/8.48 lb sirloin tip roast

2 kg/4.4 lb Sun Maid raisins

2 kg/4.4 lb prunes

36 flour tortillas, premade, uncooked

Mar 24/13
Family combo (10 lb potatoes, 5 lb carrots, 3 lb onions

.8 kg/1.736 lb zucchini

1 head cauliflower

2.14 kg/4.72 lbs butternut squash

.625 kg/1.38 lb tomatoes

Personal care items

Total Coupons Redeemed