Monday 27 May 2013

Conserving Energy

You guys all know that I work hard at being frugal, right?  

I keep a budget,  try to eliminate waste in my kitchen and household, cook from scratch, walk instead of driving whenever I can, turn the thermostat down, unplug my electronics when I'm not using them.

Funny, then, that I can't apply the same principal to conserving my own energy.

A couple of years ago, I got very sick. I'm since recovered but my energy levels are not the same.  I tire more easily and yet - despite my doctor's cautions that this may be my new normal and I must learn to adapt - I continue to take on as many tasks as I did before I got sick, and I continue to expect myself to accomplish them with the same amount speed, and energy.  

Inevitably, a time comes when I have to pay for those high expectations.

Last week, after returning from our trip to visit my parents, I crashed and burned.  I had plans to use my remaining days off to clean house but, instead, ended up spending most of my time off sleeping.  

I returned to work still tired and struggled to make it through my work days and maintain my established routine and then I crashed and burned again this weekend.  I slept most of both days.

Clearly, my body is sending me a message.

I need to spend some time being kinder to myself.  

Although I'm often a mind-over-matter kind of person, determined to power through my low energy times, I think I need to slow down for a while.  I'll continue to blog, but less, and I'll continue to be on FB and Twitter, but post less often.  I'll continue to work, but work less.  

Eventually, I'll regain my stamina.  I hope you'll bear with me until I do because I do so enjoy my conversations with my on-line friends.

Thanks for hanging out with me.