Tuesday 23 July 2013

Necklace Tutorial?

I have a great fondness for necklaces that are long, simple strands of bead or chain.  They can be looped to make multiple strands, long or short, and their very simplicity makes them versatile enough to wear with many different things.

This is just such a necklace.  I made it this weekend because I needed something to wear with one of my favourite summer skirts.   

The necklace is almond coloured glass "pearls" and silver spacers.  It's about 9 feet long so I can loop it into four strands.  I set aside a couple of beads so that I could make matching earrings too.

The set cost me a little less than $14.00 to make.  I couldn't find anything really comparable in the store (not surprising since I tend to go my own way rather than following trends), but four single strand necklaces plus a pair of earrings would cost between $60 and $75 even in WalMart.

Would any of you be interested in a tutorial for a necklace and earring set in this style?  Or is it too simple a project?

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