Monday 18 February 2013

What We Ate, Feb. 11 - 17

I've got to tell you that the best meal of my week this week was Valentines Day breakfast.  

I had planned to get up that morning and cook heart shaped bacon and Valentines egg in a basket for my fella, but I had a bad night the night before and was awake for hours, not feeling well.  I finally fell back to sleep around 5 a.m., effectively putting paid to my plans for an early rising, big breakfast kind of day.  

I slept right through my alarm.

My guy shook me awake at 7:30 and, since I had to be out of the house by 8:15, I sprung from bed in a panic.  

"GET BACK INTO BED!" he growled from the kitchen and since, in my heart of hearts, I wanted to snuggle down for a little longer anyway, I obliged.  

Five minutes later my sweet husband came in with a tray.  He'd laid it with a flowered cloth, my coffee in a pretty china mug, two heart shaped slices of toast, and a small bowl of blackberry jelly.  There were two perfect stems of pussy willow too, in bud vase.  

Now I ask you, what could possibly be sweeter than that?

While I was enjoying my breakfast, my fella packed my lunch, ironed my work pants, and carried my bags down to the car.  

Life is very good sometimes. :)

I cooked the meal I'd planned for breakfast for supper that night; one of two "breakfast for supper" meals we had this week. 

Not much else noteworthy in our week was noteworthy.  I worked, we did chores, ate, slept, and made our daily rounds just like everyone else.  It was a fine week, nonetheless.

Here's what we ate last week:

Monday, February 11:

Tuesday, February 12:

  • Breakfast - Apple slices and cheddar
  • Supper - Buttermilk pancakes with butter, sugar and lemon juice, locally made thick cut, apple wood smoked bacon

Wednesday, February 13:

  • Breakfast - Boiled eggs and toasted English muffins (from the freezer)
  • Supper - Slow cooker round steak, pan juice gravy, mashed potatoes, steamed carrots and cabbage, applesauce spice cake.

Thursday, Feb. 14:

  • Breakfast - Heart shaped toast and homemade blackberry jelly  
  • Supper - Heart shaped bacon, Valentine egg in a basket, sauteed mushrooms, grilled tomatoes.  We went out for dessert and shared a sliced of chocolate decadence cake.

Friday, Feb. 15:

  • Breakfast - Fried egg and cheese sandwiches on whole wheat bread
  • Supper - Mac'n'cheese made with leftover round steak, gravy and mushrooms served with roasted green beans and carrots on the side.  Canned cherries for dessert.

Saturday, Feb. 16:

  • Breakfast - Carrot and zucchini muffins (from the freezer), cream cheese (also from the freezer)
  • Supper - Homemade pizza: Olive bread crust topped with tomato sauce, sliced onion, spinach and bell pepper (from the freezer), sliced tomato, mozzarella and feta cheeses (both from the freezer), dried oregano and freshly cracked black pepper.

Sunday, Feb. 17:

  • Breakfast - Oatmeal and applesauce
  • Supper - Kidney beans and red cargo ride, tomato and onion salad with red wine vinaigrette, chocolate and cherry clafoutis.