Monday 4 February 2013

What We Spent January 28 - February 3

It was a quiet week at our house.  Other than work and our daily walks, we stayed close to home.

We did almost no grocery shopping.  We'd stocked up at the produce market the previous weekend and, other than that, cooked mostly from our pantry and freezer.  

Since the only driving was my commute to and from work, we needed only a single tank of gas.

We did spend more on restaurant food than we usually do.  We treated ourselves to our once-monthly restaurant meal, and I was disorganized about food for my work days.  I bought myself a take out sandwich one day, and a hot dog the next.  

We budget $50.00 for our monthly restaurant meal and spent a total of $39.75 on restaurant food so, even with my work day take out, we managed to stay under budget.

All in all, I'm feeling good about our expenditures this time 'round.

Here's what we spent last week:

Jan. 28/13

1 bunch green onions
Jan. 30/13
Take out sandwich
Jan. 31/13
Take out hot dog
Feb. 1/13
Take out fish 'n' chips, tax, and tip


4 liters skim milk

1 package Hob Nob cookies

Total Coupons Redeemed