Monday 4 March 2013

Lots of Lists For You

I am feeling like Our Lady of Lists these days.  

I've been in a list making kind of mood and I'm busy compiling some lists that I hope my blog, Facebook, and Twitter friends will find helpful.

My list making started last week, when my Facebook friend Frugal Sally requested recipes friendly to her dietary needs as a diabetic.  I don't write my recipes with a specific dietary requirement in mind, but I do have a number of recipes on my blog that are suitable for folks following low sugar/lower carbohydrate diets, so I made a page on my blog listing those recipes for Sally.  I hope it will helpful to others too.

From there, I started thinking about my on line friends who are eating gluten free so I created a page of links for those folks too.

On behalf of a business acquaintance in Duncan, I also write a weekly list of coming events in our area.  It occurred to me that the events list might be helpful to my on line friends who live in and around the Cowichan Valley.  I've published my first list on A Word From Aunt B today, and I hope to make it a regular weekly feature on the blog.

Since I am still in a list making mood, I'm also compiling pages of links to recipes that are egg free and recipes that use no milk or milk products.  As soon as those pages are completed, I'll post the links on my Facebook page and on Twitter.  If you're follow the blog through Google or through an RSS feed, you'll find the page tabs visible near the top of my blog.  I'll post a note here too, just in case you miss them.

Here are the links to my new pages, and to my calendar post.  I hope they are helpful to you.

Diabetic Friendly/Lower Carb Recipes
Naturally Gluten Free Recipes
What's Up? (A List of Coming Events in the Cowichan Area)