Monday 11 March 2013

What We Spent, March 4 - 10

It was another quiet week on the home spending front, and that's a good thing.  :)  

We purchased some fresh veggies, milk, and gas for the car.

I had a coupon for a free package of pre-washed salad greens so on Monday night I treated myself to a big salad for supper.  There were enough greens leftover to make my lunches for most of the rest of the week too.

We were given a buy one/get one free burger coupon on Friday, so we took ourselves out for dinner.  The burgers were really big so we skipped the sides and soft drinks, choosing water for our beverage instead.  After redeeming the coupon and including taxes, our dinner came to $8.95;  a pleasant and inexpensive change in our routine.

Here's what we spent last week:

Mar 4/13
454 g/1 lb prewashed salad greens

4 liters skim milk

1.43 kg/3.15 lbs beets

Mar 6/13
2 heads coloured cauliflower
Mar 8/13
Supper out - burgers

Total Coupons Redeemed