Monday 11 March 2013

What We Ate, March 4 - 10

We spent the early days of this week fighting a 'flu that sneaked in and grabbed us at the end of last week. My fella was so sick that I was seriously worried about him and ended up taking him to the doctor.  He's better now, thank goodness, but our meals were mighty light for a while.

Once he felt like eating again, my guy was pretty cranky about the winter vegetables we see so much of at this time of year so I tried to change things up a bit from the usual fare.  Fortunately, there were a few more options available to us this week.  Thrifty Foods had coloured cauliflowers in stock (purple, orange, and bright green), we bought some more lovely asparagus, and I brought home some young nettle shoots from my first foraging walk of the spring.

Here's what we ate this week:

Monday, March 4:

  • Breakfast - Poached eggs and whole wheat toast for me.  Nothing for my fella.
  • Supper - A salad of mixed greens with shredded carrot, beet, radish and honey mustard dressing for me.  Cheese toast for me.  Dry toast and tea for my guy.

Tuesday, March 5:

  • Breakfast - Oatmeal and applesauce.
  • Supper - Chicken vegetable and rice soup, cheddar corn muffins.

Wednesday, March 6:

Thursday, March 7:

  • Breakfast - Homemade granola and homemade yogurt
  • Supper - Pizza bianco with a homemade garlic and rosemary focaccia crust, caramelized onions, blanched nettles, thinly sliced red bell pepper (from the freezer), and homemade ricotta.  Homemade orange sorbet for dessert.

Friday, March 8:

  • Breakfast - Leftover pizza
  • Supper - We went out for burgers.

Saturday, March 9:

Sunday, March 10: