Sunday 22 January 2012

Looking for Breakfast Inspiration

*sigh*  Breakfast has been pretty routine at our house lately.  I

t's hard to get enthused about preparing breakfast when your special someone is not a morning person.  And my guy definitely is not.

The big guy is not a predictable riser, getting up some days before 7:00 and other days nearer 11:00.  He rarely wants to eat during the first hour or two after he wakes.

Breakfast is, on the other hand, one of my favourite meals.  Okay, okay:  Every meal is one of my favourite meals!   ;)   But I do like to have a good breakfast.

Somehow, I've fallen into a breakfast rut.  In part it's happened because of our very limited budget. A budget as limited as ours means a more limited choice of fresh fruits and vegetables with which to work.

That's not really the whole reason though.  I do have plenty in my pantry and a good selection of spices and seasonings.

Perhaps it's the winter blues.  Dark skies and short days sap even my enthusiasm for getting up in the morning.

Whatever the reasons for the rut, I'm busy working on some new recipes to move me forward. You'll see them in my posts in the near future.  In the meantime, here are some links to breakfast recipes I've posted already.  Maybe they'll inspire you to try something new this week too.  :)

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