Monday 16 January 2012

What We Ate January 9 - January 15

Meal planning and preparation were pretty much a crash and burn affair at our house this week.  I did have a plan for Meatless Monday, and all the ingredients on hand, but a stomach bug decided to visit our house and by the time late afternoon rolled around I was too sick to do anything about supper. My husband foraged for himself.

By mid-week I was starting to recover but my husband was feeling poorly.  It took until Saturday before either of us were well enough to think about anything much resembling a proper meal.

What did we eat all week?  A lot of simple, bland food.  Oatmeal was much in demand, and rice pudding.  We ate dry toast and boiled eggs, and chicken soup from the deep freeze.  Applesauce was soothing enough to appeal to us and, on Thursday, I made some Pear Sauce and Oatmeal muffins

On the days when one or the other of us was well enough to want a full meal, we reheated stuff from the freezer.  Thank goodness for all those single servings I put by!  They're much depleted now.  I'll have to work at replacing them.  

By Saturday we were both well enough to sit down to supper together, but still looking for something bland.  I poached some chicken breasts in stock and served them with steamed potatoes, carrots and peas.

Sunday morning we were both feeling better, and a little weary of oatmeal.  I made some Almost Whole Wheat Pancakes for breakfast and served them with Good (cheap) Eats' baked apple compote.  It was the first time I'd tried it.  (I halved the recipe.)  We both enjoyed it. 

For Sunday supper, I took the poached chicken and the vegetables leftover from Saturday and used them to make hash.  I served the hash with gravy made from the poaching stock.  We had banana and raisin bread pudding for dessert.  

Not an exciting week, to be sure, but not an expensive one either.  It must be said that if I'm too sick for cooking, I'm also too sick for shopping!  Our only grocery purchase this week was a bunch of bananas.  

Today is Good Food Box day.  We'll see what this month's purchase brings and then I'll start planning for the week ahead.

I hope the coming week finds you in good health and good spirits, ready to enjoy the many quiet gifts this time of year brings.

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