Monday 5 March 2012

What We Ate February 27 - March 4

It’s been an interesting week and looks to be the beginning of a challenging month.

We had planned to restock the pantry this month.  We’ve been eating primarily from our pantry and freezer for two and a half months now and the shelves are looking a lot more bare than they did in the fall. We designated $200 from our planned spending account specifically for pantry staples, bringing our March grocery budget to $350.  Life has a way of throwing you curves sometimes though and, instead of having extra money in the budget, we’ve ended up with less than usual.  

I did get a shop in at the beginning of the week and picked up some staples. I spent $62.16 on groceries that day, but the rest of the month is looking very scant.  Fortunately we still have a fair bit of food on hand.  There are canned fruits and vegetables, canned salmon, and canned turkey in the pantry, and we have some meat and poultry in the freezer.  

We received a generous gift of venison and salmon last week.  It will go a long way toward augmenting our meals.  We will also have money enough to buy two Good Food Boxes so we'll be provided with fresh vegetables.  March may be a bit of a challenge but we'll be just fine.

Here’s what we ate last week:

Monday, February 27:
  • Breakfast – Eggs, toast, and canned peaches
  • Supper – Pizza made with onion, zucchini, eggplant, kalamata olives, mozzarella and edam (from the freezer) on a garlic and oregano crust, brownies.

 Tuesday, February 28:
  • Breakfast – Granola, pear sauce
  • Supper – Chelsea bread French toast with rhubarb berry jam

 Wednesday, February 29:

 Thursday, March 1:

 Friday, March 2:
  • Breakfast – Eggs, toast, apples
  • Supper – Venison steaks braised in onion gravy, leftover oven fries, mashed carrots and rutabaga, canned cherries

 Saturday, March 3:

 Sunday, March 4:
  • Breakfast – Breakfast Yorkie
  • Supper – Refried beans, rice, coleslaw with tomato and jalapeno vinaigrette, applesauce

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