Monday 10 December 2012

What We Spent November 26 - December 9

Big total at the bottom of this page this week!  We drove some distance to visit our grandchildren one weekend, which added to the amount we spent on gas, and we bought some meat for our freezer.

We've been pretty good about using the meat we having on hand but certain cuts come on sale at this time of year at very good prices.  This is especially true of turkeys and, since they are unlikely to go on sale again for at least two or three months, we decided to stock up.

Other than that, things have been pretty much as usual.  Here's what we spent between November 24 and December 9:

Nov. 26/12

4 liters skim milk

3.2 kg butternut squash

1.4 kg green cabbage

.42 kg bell peppers (red and yellow)

household supplies

200 Overwaitea tea bags
Dec. 1/12
Dec. 3/12
8 weeks eggs, pre-paid

Dec. 6/12
10 pounds carrots

10 pounds russet potatoes

3 pounds onions

4 liters skim milk

900 grams extra old cheddar cheese

7.85 kg pork side ribs

7.65 kg frozen turkey (2 birds)

.86 kg broccoli crowns
Nov. 26 - 
Dec. 6
coupons redeemed


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life in this 1880 farmhouse said...

You have gas twice on the 26th? Two cars, different trips or the gas was less expensive and you re-stocked the tank? The gas in my car has had a lower budget this month as I should not be needing it as much as the past two months. So far I have been fortunate and had lower prices when I filled up. Perhaps next year I will put down my gas consumption as well. Really enjoy your blog.

Aunt B said...

Thanks for mentioning that. I didn't buy gas twice in one day, just forgot to date one of my entries. I've corrected it now.

We did fill up twice within three days, though, because we drove almost 700 km in order to have a visit with our grandchildren, and I needed to be sure to start the week with a full tank in order to drive to and from work.

The amount of our fill ups varies depending upon how much is left in the tank on the days when I have a chance to go in for a fuel.

life in this 1880 farmhouse said...

I find the prices go up and down as the week progresses. Mondays and Tuesdays seem to be the lowest these days, in the summer it was Thursdays. Anyway it dropped again since yesterday so I filled up even though I put gas in yesterday. Fill-er-up when its low priced.

Aunt B said...

It tends to go up on weekends around here. Lately, though, it's been pretty consistent throughout the week. Like you, I do keep a weather eye on the price and try to fill up when it's at its lowest.

Anonymous said...

Good for you looks like you were able to get lots for your money. Funny how some people think because we spend less on a grocery budget that we can't eat healthy quality foods. You bought bulk items it looks like. How long will all this last you?

Aunt B said...

The cabbage and squash will give us at least a couple of weeks, maybe more. The potatoes and carrots should last the month and the onions may too, although I do use a lot of them. The meat will last a very long time. Between the turkeys and the ribs I'll make near to 50 meals (some suppers and some lunches) for the two of us. The cheddar will get us through a month or more and the tea about 3 months.