Monday 28 January 2013

What We Spent January 21 - 27

It wasn't a stellar week at our house.  The 'flu kept us at home and out of the stores, but spurred us to spend money on Gravol and acetominophen.  Neither are inexpensive, although we did manage to find some coupons to help offset the cost.

We were, once again, over budget on gasoline.  This will likely continue for the next several months so we'll be adjusting our budget figures to accommodate the change.  

On a positive note, I've had enough extra work this month to offset the increase in gasoline expenditures. That's encouraging.  :)

Here's what we spent last week:  

Jan. 21/13
4 liters skim milk

Fresh ginger

2 bunches fresh spinach

Jan. 26/13
1 head cauliflower (manager's special)

1 head butter lettuce

1.68 lbs/.76 kg tomatoes

1 English cucumber

1.26 lb/.57 kg rutabaga

4.43 lb/2 kg red potatoes

4 x 10 oz/283 grams frozen, chopped spinach

4 liters skim milk

2 liters ginger beer

Personal care items


Total Coupons Redeemed