Tuesday 27 November 2012

A Few Words of Explanation

I received this comment on my most recent "What We Ate" post: 
To help you lose weight you should be eating more frequently throughout the day not just breakfast supper. That might help keep you on budget and also not hungry. Break your supper up and put it in smaller portions through out the day and if you're hungry between have a few almonds on hand (they help to make you feel full) Don't forget lots of water - sometimes we're dehydrated and actually not hungry.
Since I also received a question about "no lunch?" on my Facebook page after writing my post, I feel I need to address this concern.  
My goals of healthy eating and good nutrition do require that we eat lunch, and that we have between meal snacks too.  
We eat lunches and snacks but I don't include them in the meal plans noted in my blog.  
Our snacks and lunches are made from leftovers culled from previous days' meals, from home canned soup, and from fresh produce.  (My husband also has a fondness for peanut butter and jam sandwiches.)
Since we're using up food we've accounted for in planning for previous meals rather than preparing menus or shopping specifically for lunches and snacks, I don't write them down.
I do appreciate the almond suggestion but, while I do include them in foods I cook for my husband, I have diverticulitis and cannot eat nuts or seeds. I do try to boost the amount of protein included in my lunches and snacks by eating small amounts of low fat cheese, fat free homemade Greek style yogurt, and by including legumes (like hummus) in my diet. 
I drink an average of eight 12-ounce glasses of water daily.

Just so you know.  

Nobody's going hungry at our house, and no one is doing without nutritious food at any time of day.  

Hope this clears things up.


life in this 1880 farmhouse said...

Oh my people read too much into your every word. Like you leftovers become lunches. My Dearest has the ' best' lunches in the office. In 1998 the newspaper actually ran an article on how to pack lunches and my husband was chosen for the pictures, putting a warm meal in the microwave at his office. With so many in this house I couldn't post what everyone eats during the day. I'd have to be a hawk! But I hope starting next week to post our weeks dinners and the cost, to give ideas on how to feed seven people on $300. a month. You have inspired me to do so. Keep up the good work on the diet. It is a huge challenge on its own.

Aunt B said...

Thank you for the positive encouragement. :) I'll look forward to reading your dinner posts. Feeding seven people on $300/month is an impressive feat!

Anonymous said...

Just as a follow up to yesterday's comment posted in today's post. I wasn't trying to be negative, actually quite the opposite and trying to be helpful sorry if this offended you in anyway.

Aunt B said...

Oh no! No offense taken! I just wanted to explain why snacks and lunches don't show up in my plan.

Aunt B said...

I would have written a note to your email or blog to thank you for taking the time to comment if I could but no name or contact information was available to me.