Monday 19 November 2012

What We Spent November 5 - 18

When I looked at the total for the past couple of weeks I did a big “gulp.”  It was much higher than I’d hoped it would be.  A second look has calmed me down, though. 

I bought a huge veggie pack on November 5 that will provide our potatoes, white onions, and carrots for the entire month, and I stocked up on veggies again yesterday, for the week to come.  Really, it’s almost a three week total rather than a two week one.

We were able to get through two weeks with only a single tank of gas for the car, and we spent nothing on household goods or personal care items. 

The only real extravagances in the past two weeks were two liters of eggnog and a couple of bunches of Swiss chard that looked so good I couldn’t resist them.

I think we did quite well.  Here’s what we spent:

Nov. 5/12
Family veggie pack (20 lbs potatoes, 10 lbs onions, 10 lbs carrots)

8.4 lbs ambrosia apples

1.86 lbs red cabbage

1.22 lbs broccoli crowns

2.3 lbs tomatoes

3.62 lbs bananas

4 litres skim milk

2 liters egg nog

10 oz. pkg. frozen spinach

8 oz. cream cheese
Nov. 8/12
2 kaffir lime leaves

1 head romaine lettuce
Nov. 16/12
2 bunches Swiss chard

Nov. 18/12
fresh spinach

1 red onion

1 bunch radishes

1 rutabaga

2.42 lbs spaghetti squash

2.26 lbs green cabbage

4 litres skim milk


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Anonymous said...

Wow,you did pretty good for everything that you bought. Egg nog, is one of our favourite drinks with some Disoronno mixed in. We will wait until is hits $0.99 and load up. Mr.CBB

Aunt B said...

It never hits $0.99/liter here, even at the after Christmas sales. Wish it did! This diet is killing my budget! Produce is so expensive at this time of year. :(

simplicityinthemaking said...

Enjoy browsing through your blog. Love how (organized) you have your grocery written out in columns. Makes me rethink how I print stuff up. I'm new to CBB but am loving it so far.

Aunt B said...

Thanks. It's just a simple Excel sheet. It helps me to think things through if I at least sort them by date. Mr CBB is great. I've learned a lot through his FB page and his blog. :)