Monday 5 November 2012

What We Spent Oct. 29 - Nov. 4

It’s been a good week.  My birthday was on Saturday and I was made much of with cards, and gifts, and a really lovely birthday dinner hosted by my brother and sister-in-law.  I’m feeling pretty darned special right now.  :)

We did well with our grocery spending this week too and, although I filled up the gas tank mid-week, we did little driving.  It looks like last week’s fill up will probably last us right until the end of this week.  That makes me happy.

Here’s what we spent this week:

Oct. 29/12
3 lb. onions

English cucumber

1 case (36 rolls) toilet paper

1 skein yarn
Oct. 31/12
Nov. 2/12
Personal care items

Coupons redeemed


Care to join us on this “spend less” challenge?  If so, we’d love to hear from you.

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday again Aunt B! Looks like you had a great week. What types of coupons do you like to use or appeal to you? Mr.CBB

Aunt B said...

That's a good question Mr. CBB and the answer's actually kind of complicated. I cook most of my food from scratch so a lot of the items for which coupons are offered just aren't used in my kitchen. Additionally, you often get the best bang for your buck when couponing by purchasing the smallest package. I won't do this because I prefer to buy large quantities, in bulk, with as little packaging as possible.

Still, I do use coupons. I buy my gas at the Superstore, save up the coupons they issue and apply them towards my total purchase. (That's what this week's saving was.) I also use coupons towards cleaning supplies and household items.

I'm a pretty low maintenance gal - no cosmetics - but very brand specific about the shampoo, soap, and deoderant I use so, although I will use coupons for these items if they are available, I usually get my best value by knowing my pricing and shopping when they are on sale.