Monday 30 April 2012

What We Ate April 23 - 29

It’s been an interesting week.  I started a new job.  I’m very happy to have it and it looks like I’m going to enjoy it—pleasant people, beautiful location, civilized work hours—but it will take some time to get into a routine.  I’ve fallen out of the habit of planning each evening for the next day’s meals.

On Wednesday night I forgot to take anything out of the freezer for Thursday’s supper so, on Thursday morning, I told my husband (who is retired and quite a decent cook in his own right) that I was leaving our dinner plans up to him.   I came home and nothing was on the stove.  Nothing was even taken out of the fridge so that dinner could be started. 

Dismayed, I put down my bags, changed out of my work clothes and went to greet my husband, who said “I have $10 in change.  We’re going to MacDonald’s.”

It’s not that I’m against allowing the occasional Big Mac into our lives.  I actually kind of like them as long as they’re a once-in-a-while occurrence, but the point of going back to work is to get ahead of the game financially.  We can’t do that if we two-bit our budget to death with fast food. 

Lesson learned. My fella’s happy to help with the meal prep but he needs some direction.

I didn’t do a whole lot this weekend, but I did do some menu planning and, yes, it has led to a little extra spending.  Even so, I’m quite sure it’s better for both our budget and our health to change our menu a bit but to continue cooking at home.

Here’s what we ate last week:

  • Breakfast – Boiled eggs, toast, oranges
  • Supper – “Fresh” pea soup (made with frozen peas), corn muffins, applesauce pie 

  • Breakfast – Yogurt, canned peaches
  • Supper – Skabetti Spuds, a salad of romaine lettuce, tomato, cucumber, and red onion with homemade 1000 island dressing, leftover pie 

  • Breakfast – Oatmeal and applesauce
  • Supper – Venison stir fry, rice, veggie gyoza (from the freezer), oranges 

  • Breakfast – Rice and beans
  • Supper – MacDonald’s 


  • Breakfast – Toast and peanut butter, prunes, dried apricots
  • Supper – Salad of pea shoots, shredded carrots, red onion, chick peas, and julienned pickled beets, with yogurt, lemon and dill dressing.  Canned cherries for dessert. 

  • Breakfast – Granola, yogurt, oranges
  • Supper – Stewed  steak, white rice, steamed green beans, apple crisp

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