Tuesday 3 April 2012

What We Ate March 26 - April 1

We did a little better with variety in our meals this week and, as a result, I’m feeling less frustrated about the dearth of different vegetables available at this time of year.  I took a bag with me on my walks and foraged some dandelion greens, and I harvested more watercress.  The iron these greens have added to our diet was probably much needed.  We certainly appreciated the fresh flavours.

I was encouraged to note that stinging nettles are sprouting along the verge of one of my favourite trails.  I’m sure I’ll be gathering some soon, and I’m on the lookout for morel mushrooms.  They thrive under the cottonwood and big leaf maple trees that grow in abundance in our area but I have yet to find any.  Perhaps it’s still a little too cold for them.

Our diet continues to be limited by budget and likely will be for some time.  I’m thinking lemons and lemonade.  We can either resent the limitations or look upon them as an incentive to creativity.

I spent $8.52 on groceries this week.  Here's what we ate:

Monday, March 26:
  • Breakfast – Baked eggs on dandelion green and potato scones
  • Supper – Minestrone, garlic and black pepper focaccia, rhubarb sorbet

Tuesday, March 27:

Wednesday, March 28:

Thursday, March 29:
  • Breakfast – Granola, yogurt, and canned peaches for me.  Leftover cake for my husband.
  • Supper – My husband was not feeling well and didn’t eat so, for me, it was forage-from-the-fridge night.  I had leftover cod, an impromptu colcannon made from leftover mashed potatoes and cabbage, cold green beans in some leftover honey mustard vinaigrette, and the last fresh pear from the Good Food Box.

Friday, March 30:
  • Breakfast – Eggs and fried leftover colcannon
  • Supper – Oatcakes and cheddar, coleslaw of red cabbage, carrots and apples, canned peaches

Saturday, March 31:
  • Breakfast – Peanut butter and banana sandwiches
  • Supper – Vegetable bean soup, whole wheat crackers, canned cherries

Sunday, April 1:
  • Breakfast – Applesauce and oatmeal muffins, cream cheese
  • Supper – Beans and rice, watercress and shredded carrot salad with tomato and jalapeno vinaigrette, the last of the leftover cake.


Jill said...

I follow you on Facebook but had to come follow you here as well :-) Have a great night!


Aunt B said...

Welcome Jill, and thank you! :)